SoapUp, the patented soap bar holder, is a neat concept, a clever and simple product for everyone. Handy in the bathroom or in the shower and a must in the kitchen.

SoapUp is a soap holder that hangs the soap above the washbasin. In this way the soap always remains clean and dry, being no longer in contact with a surface.
SoapUp is a design object, practical and also eco-friendly.
With SoapUp there is no waste and no residue.
Hanging on the tap the soap bar remains clean and dry until the end of its use as there is no contact with a surface and with any left water which could consume it faster.
Therefore SoapUp would have the following benefits:

1) it would reduce drastically the consumption of plastic containers strictly connected to the use of liquid soap;

2) in comparison with liquid soap, which contains foaming agents and so more difficult to be removed, it would limit the quantity of water for rinse;

3) introduced in hotel facilities it would be used for more days as long as the client is lodged in the room and replaced only at the arrival of a new guest.

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